Technology Gifts new experience

C5 is the first set of quality product that AIGOSTAR launched. Breakthrough design principles of ordinary LED bulb, C5 series introduction of aerospace aluminum heat sink materials and optical light guide technology, the LED light source of high-tech light bursting out in a transparent bubble shell, the product exhibits a distinct refined and crystal clear, visually and technically opens a whole new experience.

The beauty of technology integration

Inside and outside the bubble shell nanocomposite lens with high transmittance against the background, so that the product appearance looks beautiful; product cavity using high-tech aerospace aluminum, precision molding, the cooling effect is remarkable.

Window scale package

Double reinforced packaging, to the level of protection Showroom
180 atmospheric windows designed to allow fine qualities be exposed.
Lap display can be hung, fresh eye-catching.

Bright wide-angle

270 ° wide-angle light, transparent PC molding blister, greater than 90% light transmittance, light soft non-glare, good brightness and high luminous efficiency, is the best indoor lighting LED lights.

Volkswagen Boutique

C5 series is positioned as a boutique from product design, but the price and the normal LED bulb is almost the same grades.

Best results

This series of products installed in the lamp lighting up, will be more fully play the guided light beam characteristics, to bring a better home life lighting and visual effects.