Fittness is the irreplacement

LED products makes renovation constantly, some continuation of the classic, and some can not be replaced. No matter whether it is beyond the traditional development, what have to do is to fit the needs of the public, and it will necessarily be a good product. LED T8 tube is not already full of plastic new products, many manufacturers have been numerous attempts several years ago, now we just put it to do more mature.

Experience is now lightweight

Practical LED T8 Tube

B6 series full plastic, LED T8 tube lighting effect is not less than the same series of lamp, the luminous flux per watt are up to 80 lumens or more, in full compliance with the EU's industry-standard, products starting from the practical, and strive to give customers a more compact installation experience. As the replacement of traditional lamp, it just provides customers a more competitive choice in the market.

One of the advantages of all-plastic shell alone significantly

Safe insulation, completely solve the safety problem, there is no safety hazard of electric shock.
Low cost, have other natural incomparable price advantage of other LED T8 tube .
Overall lightweight, making installation process very labor-saving, high efficiency.
Shock resistant, squeeze, difficult to cause damage during transport.
The lamp is lit, the temperature of the housing feel almost like an ordinary fluorescent tubes, not hot.

Exclusive comfortable and natural light

4000K Natural white light, a color temperature which makes people feel comfortable, entirely private customization, earmarked enjoy, meet the demand for natural light color at home and office, while create a better atmosphere of the scene in the interior .