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LED TABLE LAMP 7W (touch&dimming with RGB night lamp functionn)



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Splendid beauty moment

Simple European style design, elegance, fashion with aesthetic feeling, good tactility and high quality. One light with multifunction, durable, can be used as table lamp and night light, atmosphere bulbs,which can company with you in many occasions like at night, siesta,living room and other places.

High quality LED illumination

High quality LED illumination with less light attenuation, strong stability, high efficiency and energy saving. By special optical process, the illuminance is uniform and soft , close to natural; the light is bright and gentle yet not dazzling protect eyes.

No flicker

The strobe problem of light can be tested by cellphone easily. In the shooting mode, point the camera at the light source and observe the cellphone screen, and you will find no flickering ripples, which is safer to use.

Touch switch, stepless dimming

Touch switch with one key. Short touch to turn on/off, long touch to control stepless dimming, free to adjust lighting, meet different lighting scenes need.

6-color atmosphere colorful lights

The light with colorful lighting. Night light design, short touch is to turn on/off “night mode”; long touch is to change lighting effect. 6-color to choose, the light is gentle not dazzling which protect families and convenient to get up at night; also ccould used as atmosphere light. At the same time to long touch the ”switch”and”night mode”,the night light color will be change automatically.

Free to control angle

Free to adjust angle 110°, stable and flexible bearing, reliable performance, create a comfortable lighting environment.

Large capacity lithium battery

Large capacity battery 4400Ma, recyclable charge, long storage up to 20 hours, durable without worries.

USB equipment supply

Support computer, Charge Pal and other power supply ways, convenient to study without worries.

Dual use: charge or connect to the power

It can be used by plugging in electricity or wireless movement after charging, use without worries.

Circular arc carrying design, easy to put and take


1. 远离水,火,易燃物

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