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Induction cooker



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Electronic sensor touch panel

Sensitive operation brings you extremely smooth experience

10 power levels and temperatures adjustable

10 power levels(200W-2000W)and temperatures adjustable(60℃-240℃)

0-3 hours’ shutdown timer

Up to 3 hours unattended when working

Automatic shutdown after two hours of no operation

The appliance will shut down automatically if there is no operation for two hours

LED indicator lights

Visual LED lights reflect all your operations

Auto switch off in case of no utensil was detected

Intelligent sensor built in to shut down the appliance when there is no utensil was detected and prevent dry-boiling

Switching Max and Min power by one key

The highest temperature is 240℃, the lowest temperature is 60℃;The highest power is 2000W while the lowest power is 200W.

Water-proof surface, no fear of dripping

Overheating Protection

When the temperature of appliance exceeds the highest point, it will stop heating automatically and continue heating when the appliance cools down.

Child Protection Lock

Press"+" and "-" together to start the child lock, this machine will not respond for any key except ON/OFF switch

Efficient heat dissipation by large area of air vents

Non-slip foot pat to stabilize the appliance


1. Do not rinse the appliance under the running water.

2. Do not operate the appliance with empty pot or it may cause danger.

3. To avoid electric shock, do not insert any objects into the air vents.

4. To avoid danger, never put iron plate above or under the appliance.

5. When heating canned foods, open the lid to avoid explosion.

6. To avoid dangers, keep children away from the appliance when it is working or not in use.

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