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Foldable kitchen scale



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Enjoy baking

Abundant tasty food, fresh ingredients. Every precisely baking are a enjoyment of art, the result of art usually need precise process. Stainless steel foldable kitchen scale makes baking easily, have fun with matching.

Stainless steel scale surface

U-shaped design with stainless steel plated surface, light, fashionable, anti-corrosion and easy cleaning.

Generate power automatically

Slightly "open-close-open" the scale to starting up, which is different from the kitchen scale which used batteries. Battery and charge free, more environment friendly.

High precision sensor

Innovative technology has been adopted to achieve high precision induction, sensitive weighing, accurate data.

Foldable storage

Small and folding body saves the storage space.

High-definition LCD display

Hd LCD display, the weight of food can be read clearly.

”TARE” in one button

A humanization design that can delete the weight of container in one button, then add the food into the container, you can get the weight of your food easily.

Freely switch units

Slightly touch “UNIT” button to shift four units including g/oz/ water-ml/ milk-ml, thus to meet different weighting requirements.

Max capacity: 5kg

Anti-slip pad

Anti-slip feet pad to stabilize the body so as to weigh the food easily.


1. Do not drop or subject the scale to shocks as this may damage the unit.

2. Do not use chemical abrasive cleaners.

3. Clean the scale with a damp cloth, but do not allow water to enter the unit.

4. To prolong the service life, do not place the appliance in a humid or hot place.

5. Do not overload, or the senor would be damaged

6. Do not store the scale in upright position, only store flat.

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