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Ionic Hair Dryer



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    Hair Dryer

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Anion professional hair care

Anion hair care keeps your hair healthy. Anion permeates hair deeply, nourishes and softs your hair so as to make your hair shiny and keep scalp healthy.

2200 watts high power, strong but soft wind power

Three temperature settings

High temp.: dry your hair quickly by strong wind. Middle temp.: dry your hair gently and nourishing hair. Cool air: dry your hair naturally without hurting your hair.

Two wind speeds

Meet different drying requirements: Soft wind in low speed dry hair gently, strong wind in high speed dry hair quickly and time-saving.

Independent cool shot

Cool shot button can be used for easily styling after hair drying

With folding handle

Foldable handle minimizes the volume of the appliance, saves space and easy to carry and store.

Overheating protection

The appliance will shut down automatically shut down when over heating to prevent the inner parts from damage so that prolong the service life,

Create different styles

Professional concentrator dries your hair by efficient concentration of wind; Diffuser creates a loose hair style.

Convenient hanging loop

This hair dryer features a loop allowing it to be conveniently hung on a hook for easy access.


1. Never connect the hair dryer to a mains with the incorrect voltage.

2. Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water.

3. Keep the hair dryer out of the reach of children, children cannot use this appliance without adult supervision.

4. Always unplug the power after use.

5. Unplug the power immediately if the appliance falls into water.

6. Do not leave the hair dryer unattended when plugged into the power supply.

7. Do not use accessories not recommended by the manufacturer.

8. If the wire or plug of the hair dryer is damaged or falls into the water, do not operate it and return the it to the service center for inspection and repair.

9. Do not block the air inlet at the back of the hair dryer, please check the air inlet to make sure there is no fuzz, hair, etc.

10. Do not insert anything into the air outlet.

11. Do not blow hot wind to your eyes.

12. During use, if it appears abnormal phenomenon like the emergence of burning smell, power cords smoking and other situation, turn off the power immediately, wait to use it until finding out the reasons for troubleshooting.

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