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Vacuum sealing set



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  • 1

    Vacuum pump

  • 2

    Vacuum bags

  • 3

    Food storage container

  • 4

    USB connector

Small,portable and fashionable

Pure white body, stylish, exquisite and texture; lightweight design, easy to grasp and operate, comfortable to use. From then on, the refrigerator is well managed, and you can enjoy fresh food on business trips, travels, picnics, and days out.

One-touch operation vacuums

By a slightly press, the food can be stored in a vacuum and stays fresh. The vacuum process will be automatically stop when the preset vacuum degree is reached, easy to enjoy a fresh life.

Keep food fresh

Used with vacuum bags and food storage container can lock the original taste of food and keep the good taste longer.

Aoistureproof and anti-bacteria

One kind of food for one bag, low pressure and low oxygen seal provided strong airtight, prevent food from being spoiled by moisture, breeding bacteria and odor.

Multifunctional food fresh keeping

It is suitable for sealing many kinds of food including fruit&vegetable, meat, cereal, snacks, nuts and so on.

USB charger

USB power cord for simple and convenient charging, the device can be carried with you after full charge.

Economical and environmentally-friendly.

The vacuum bags and food storage container are durable and reusable, economical and environmental friendly.

The vacuum pump with silicone seal, not easy to leak

With blue indicator ring


1. Read these instructions thoroughly before use.

2. Use the device on a dry surface that is at a normal temperature, do not use it near a heat source or water.

3. Only use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean the device. Do not use polishes, disinfectants or corrosive cleaners, or the device may be damaged.

4. If the USB charging cable is damaged, contact the manufacturer, an authorized repair service or similarly qualified personnel to replace it to prevent any danger.

5. Children must not play with the device. Cleaning and maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision.

6. Never use the device in an explosive atmosphere.

7. Store the device in a dry space and at room temperature.

8. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage caused by incorrect use or non-compliance with the instructions.

9. Before cleaning, unplug the adapter.

10. Store the USB charging cable and the device in a dry and ventilated place.

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