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    Table lamp

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Soft light protect eyes, wonderful lighting

Healthy and safe light source, which become more and more important in daily work, study and life. New eyes protection table lamp adopts full spectrum lamp beads, which bringing professional, healthy and fashion light environment experience. Natural and soft light, comfortable vision , relax and enjoy life.

Full spectrum chip, RA>95

Select full spectrum chip, RA>95, which close to natural spectrum. The object in the lighting area are real, clear and the visual experience is more comfortable and natural when reading. Whether colorful or just black and white can present faithfully.

Diffuse lighting, uniform and soft

The light source through refraction of the light guide plate, reflector, optical filter, to make the ray of light more uniform, softer and more comfortable.

Big light source, large luminous area

The lamp combined with area light source and ring lighting, not only brightness, but also lighting with larger area. No matter with books or albums, all can easy to see.

10%--100% brightness adjust freely

Sensitive touch, easy to operate with one touch. You can slide or touch the dimming bar to adjust the brightness which sensitive smoothly and easy to operate and control.

4000K natural light, comfortable to protect eyes

The color temperature is controlled at 4000K close to natural light, avoid being too bright to dazzling and protect from warm light to feel sleepy. Even at night can also enjoy natural light to read.

Flexible adjustment of light poles

Lamp with a flexible and stretch body, offering a broader supply of light, which can locate lighting area accurately and ensure the lighting effects meet the lighting needs.

No radiation, strobe and blue light to harm our eyes and ensure keep our eyes safe.

Solid base, anti-Slip design, not easy to fall


1. Please unplug the lighting control device to avoid danger if not using for a long time or when you go out.

2. Please use the lighting control device special for the lamp; this control device shall not be applicable to other products, otherwise it will damage the products.

3. Do not make the product fall down or disassemble it by yourself.

4. Do not place the product in a wet or rainy place to avoid failure.

5. Please hold the lamp when moving to avoid falling.

6. When the lamp is in normal use, do not place it on the inclined plane 6 degrees greater than the horizontal plane.

7. In order to keep the lighting brightness, please maintain and clean the product regularly.

8. If the external soft cable or flexible cord of the lamp is damaged, it shall be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person to avoid a hazard.

9. The product is only for indoor use. Do not move it for outdoor use.

10. The light source of this lamp is not replaceable. Once the light source needs to be replaced, the whole lamp shall be replaced.

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