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Deep Fryer



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  • 1


  • 2

    Fry basket

  • 3

    Basket handle

  • 4

    Electric unit

  • 5

    Oil container

  • 6

    Protection shell

The body shell is made of food grade stainless steel

The body and lid is made of stainless steel, never out of shape and rust, more durable and serving for a long time.

Enamel material,3.0L capacity

Enamel material of the chamber, good looking and easy to clean, 3.0L large capacity to meet the requirements of different people in one time, you can quickly eat food without repeated cooking.

Food grade and detachable stainless frying baskets

Lift the basket and hang it on the outer wall to filter the excess oil. The basket and the body can be separated, and the basket and handle are detachable for easy cleaning.

1800-2200 watts high power heating elements for quickly heating

Thickened tubular and high-power heating element can directly heat the oil, which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly. Fine temperature probe needle built-in, it can sensitively sense slight changes in temperature, strictly control the oil temperature to ensure the taste and color of ingredients.

Multiple temperature levels adjustable within the range of 130-190℃

Intelligent thermostat for heating evenly, setting suitable temperature according to different food at the range of 130-190℃

0-60 min timer

There are 5 time scales, the knob can be set to the corresponding position in advance according to your food. When the time reached the setting time, it will remind with a "ding" sound.

Temperature probe and overheating protection

When the oil temperature reached the setting temperature, the probe will stop heating and keep the current temperature. When the temperature decreased, the probe will start the power and keep heating the oil until it reaches the desired temperature.

Automatic power off to prevent dry burning when it is lifted.

Detachable control box, power off automatically when it is lifted to prevent the heating element from burning or causing an accident to ensure security.

Vent holes and visible window design

Always put on the lid to prevent oil from splashing, you can still observe frying process through the visible window. Filter cotton inside the vent pot reduces the lampblack, which is safe and healthy.

Safe and anti-hot handle, easy to lift and put

Heating and power indicator

The red indicator comes on when power on, the green indicator lights up when heating. The green light goes off means the setting temperature is reached, then you can start frying.

Oil marking line

The oil pot marked with the lowest and the highest oil scale, do not fill the oil over MAX marking or beneath MIN marking.

Rubber anti-slip foot pad to stabilize the appliance, not easy to fall down.

French fries

1、Sliced 500g potatoes into 0.5cm wide strips, soaked in cold water to remove starch.

2、Boil the potatoes until six or seven mature.

3、Dry the potatoes sticks and put them in the refrigerator until the potato strips become hard.

4、Heating the oil to medium hot, put the frozen potatoes sticks into the basket then lower the basket into the oil.

5、When the chips turn golden brown, lift the fryer basket and drain off the oil.

6、Serve fried chips on a plate, sprinkled with a little salt or dip some tomato sauce when eating.

Fried chicken leg

1、Prepare 300g chicken legs. After washing, add soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and sugar to taste for 20 minutes (the amount of seasoning is according to personal taste), then mix the legs with egg white and dip in a little starch.

2、Put the oil to the fryer and heat the oil to a proper temperature (The oil temperature should not be too high or the leg would not crisp enough

3、Put the flavored chicken leg into the frying basket, drop the frying basket slowly, let the chicken leg fully immersed in oil.

4、Fry chicken legs until the surface is golden brown, lift up the frying basket, drain the oil and serve on a plate.

Fried banana

1、Prepare 4 bananas, peel and cut into 1cm pieces. Set aside.

2、Prepare two eggs, beat and mix them. Add the right amount of starch and mix will (not to be too dry)

3、Cover the cut banana with the beaten egg mixture.

4、Pour the oil into the fryer and heat up until the temperature is suitable. Add banana segments into the frying basket and drop the basket to a certain oil level.

5、When banana surface turns golden brown, lift the fryer basket , drain and serve.

Fried ice cream

1、Prepare 2 eggs, some ice cream and 6 buns.

2、Beat the eggs well, take out a bun, use a spoon to dig a small hole in the middle of the bun, and put some ice cream into it (if you like ice cream, you can put more).

3、Close the bread and roll it around in the beaten egg.

4、Pour oil to the deep fryer and burn it to proper temperature. Put bread into the basket, then descend it to a certain oil level.

5、About one minute, when the bun is golden brown, lift the basket and drain the oil. Serve on a plate.


1. Wait until the appliance cool down completely before cleaning or touching, make sure the power is cut off and the timer shows "0".

2. The frying basket and removable pot are all dishwasher safe and also can be soaked and cleaned by soft detergent.

3. Heating element can be immersed in water (not in dishwasher) or cleaned by a damp cloth, but never wet the electric unit.

4. The oil level should between Max and Min as indicated inside the removable pot.

5. When uncover the lid, keep your face and skin away from the steam to avoid burns.

6. Store the appliance in cool and dry place if you do not use it for a long time.

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