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Electric press orange machine



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Healthy and fresh orange juice

A healthy and original drink which is full of vitamin C, nutritious and suitable for people of all ages

No blades, safer to use

Save time and effort, enjoy freshly squeezed juice

Humanized pressing design, the appliance starts working with slightly press and stops when released, squeezed juice quickly and save time and effort.

Two-way rotation juicing

Electric two-way rotation juicing performs a high juicing rate and remains less pulp

Two reamers

The appliance is suitable for various kinds of citrus, choose a proper reamer according to the size of citrus for maximum juice extraction.

The whole body is made from healthy material

Foodgrade material without BPA, providing your family a healthy juicing experience

Adjustable filter

Adjustable strainer can control the size of pulp; Pure or pulpy taste is liberally to pick.

1000ml big capacity , making many cups of juice at a time

Water gauge on the body helps to control the juice amount precisely

Detachable design, easy to clean up

Dust-proof lid, no fear of dust

Cord storage design

Fresh orange juice
Grapefruit juice
Lemon juice


1. Please read the product manual before using the machine.

2. Please check whether the local voltage matches with this machine or not.

3. Always unplug the appliance from the socket when not in use and before cleaning.

4. Do not use the appliance when standing on a wet floor or when in contact with an electrical conductor.

5. To prevent the risk of electrical shock, do not put the machine in water or other liquids.

6. Do not allow children to use or get close to the product.

7. Do not press harder fruits other than citrus.

8. This machine is only suitable for household use, not for commercial establishments.

9. When the power cord and the body is damaged, please do not do own overhaul, go to the distributors which provide maintenance or look for professional service.

10. Do not use this appliance for more than 4 minutes continuously. Switch off the motor and let it rest for at least 3 minutes to ensure that the motor cools down.

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