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Stand Blender



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Multiple functions device, releasing fresh energy

Suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables,it is a food processor, a food supplement machine and a juicer, which can make delicate food. It can make whatever child's supplementary food or your own nutritious meal.

100% copper motor provides strong power

1200 watts high power motor whose max speed up to 23000r/min, pulverize food in an instant and provide a fine and smooth taste.

Food grade glass blending jug

Thicker glass blending jug adopted food grade material without BPA, durable and scratch resistant, easy to clean

1.8L big capacity meets family use

Stianless steel sharp blades

Precision blades can make three-dimensional cutting, wear resistant and corrosion resistant, ultra-fast speed can release all of the food nutrients, blending finely and brings good taste.

2 running speeds

Choose a proper speed according to your ingredients. Low speed for soft fruit, rice paste and complementary food. High speed for hard fruit or ice crushing.

Clean the device in one button, save time and efforts

After blending, add clean water and turn the knob to PULSE position, the device can be cleaned up easily.

Safe to use

Interlock design: the device will not work if the jug assembly does not install well.

Anti-slip rubber pads reduce work noise

Anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom stabilize the body and reduce noise generated by shaking.


1. Do not operate the appliance for more that 2 minutes. It needs to be completely cooled down if it is overload before next use.

2. Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.

3. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

4. Unplug the power before cleaning.

5. Do not clean or wipe the product with sharp and rough cleaning materials.

6. Dry all accessories thoroughly before attaching them to the appliance.

7. Never touch the appliance when it is working.

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