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UV Germicidal Lamp A



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    Remote Controller

UV + Ozone, 360° complete sterilizing

UV & Ozone germicidal lamp has the functions of killing bacteria and acarid, disinfecting, lessening HCHO etc. Thus creating a safe, nontoxic and sterile household environment.

UVC high efficiency sterilization

Short wave ultraviolet (UVC 200-280nm) is within the absorption range of microorganisms, it can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms. Especially the 253.7 nm wavelength of UVC which adopted by our products can deactivate the DNA of microorganisms in a short time so as to kill bacteria and viruses.

Ozone can completely purify the air

Ozone not only can kill bacteria, but also can lessen unpleasant smells and HCHO, because the smell spreads quickly, which can reach to all-round quickly and efficiently to sterilize.

A shape appearance, delicate and steady

A-shape plastic model lampbody, adopted ABS plastic material, delicate and steady, heat-resistant, more durable.

Quartz glass tube, high UV transmittance, long service life

Two switch ways

With both switch ways remote control and power line control, free to choose.

Wireless remote control, open the lamp through walls

Wireless remote control switch, stay away from sterilizing lamp and setting through partition wall, the farthest distance up to 12m, which effectively avoid UV radiation to the human body, using more secure.

3 timing settings

Remote switch with 3 timing settings including 30 min, 60 min and 120 min to choose, select the sterilizing time according to the area of using places.

10s delay function of power switch

When using the power line control switch, pressing the switch will delay 10 seconds before starting the light, which makes the operation more safe.

Applicable scenes

Study/Bedroom, 30min, approximate coverage area 20m²;Living room/Master Bedroom, 60min, approximate coverage area 40m²;Office/Class room, 120min, approximate coverage area 60m².


1. Ensure this product is indoor use only. Avoid shaking and moisture.

2. Do not cover the lamp tube when using.

3. Do not use detergents to clean this product, wipe the lamp body with soft damp cloth.

4. Inhalation of ozone for a long time is harmful to respiratory mucosa; people, animals and plants should stay outside during the light sanitizing.

5. UV radiation will cause skin and eye burns. Do not look directly at the UV light source.

6. When doing a close sterilization for underwear, towel etc., the working time should not exceed 15 min.

7. When sterilizing the pet house, take away you pets and make sure they would not damage the lamp.

8. If there are calligraphy and painting collections or plants in the disinfection space, please cover them with cloth or remove them from the room.

9. A small amount of white deposition on the tube is normal which doesn’t affect the use of the lamp.

10. Close the doors and windows when sterilizing. When sterilization is complete, wait 30 minutes to open the windows, entering the room after 30-45 minutes’ ventilation.

11. It is recommended to UV germicidal lamp once or twice a week, 30 minutes for each use.

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