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King kong panini machine series



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Multi-functional grilling

Panini maker is multifunctional and practical, making panini,desserts, steaks,BBQ and other easy cooking of delicacies

Non-stick coated baking plates

Strip plates with non-stick coating, durable and less smoke, easy to clean

1500 watts high-power, baking quickly

High power heating elements under upper and lower plates heat food quickly and evenly, enjoy delicious food without waiting

The baking plate can be laid horizontal 180°

The upper and lower plates can be laid 180° flat so that extended the baking area, convenient for family use.

Temperature adjustable knob

Temperature can be controlled at your wish in one knob, easy to operate.

Stainless steel ornament panel, simple and elegant

Power indicator


1. 5.To protect against the risk of electric shock, do not immerse the cord, plug or cooking unit in water or any other liquid.

2. 6.Close supervision is essential when the appliance is being used by or near children.

3. Unplug the appliance when not in use and prior to cleaning. Do not pull on the cord.

4. Allow the appliance to cool down prior to attaching or removing parts and prior to cleaning.

5. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, their service agent or similarly qualified persons to avoid hazards.

6. Do not operate the appliance if it is malfunctioning or has been damaged in any manner.

7. To avoid the risk of electric shock, never attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Take it to an authorized repairer.

8. Do not place the product on or near hot air or electric burner or hot oven.

9. Do not operate the appliance by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system.

10. Extreme caution must be exercised when moving the appliance.

11. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children under the age of 8.

12. Operate the appliance in a well-ventilated area. Prior to operation, ensure there is at least 10 cm of clear space on all sides of the appliance to allow for adequate air circulation.

13. Do not allow the appliance to touch curtains, wall coverings, clothing, dishtowels or other flammable materials when in operation.

14. Do not attempt to remove food residue or otherwise clean the appliance when it is in operation.

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