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5 in 1 trimmer set



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One machine with five functions to create an ideal style

This appliance can be used for hair dressing. It equipped with 5 replacement blades, which can be changed at will. It is convenient for haircut, shaving, nose hair cutting, sideburn cutting, and styling. It is a haircut master suitable for the whole family.

Sharp blade provided efficient and safe trimming

The cutter head is durable and wear-resistant, sharp and never be blocked by hair, trimming every type of hairs easily .

2 speed control

Button switch for 2 speed control , suitable for trimming various hair types.

2.4V powerful motor

Powerful motor with high performance, the rotate up to 7000 rpm/min, even hard hair can also be easily trimmed.

Ultra low noise, quiet and comfortable

Low noise operation with smooth cutting, reduce annoying noise, the haircut process can be completed even a baby is sleeping.

600mAh Ni-MH battery, long battery life

7 specifications guide combs

The hair length is controllable, novices can easily get used to it, and haircuts becomes easy and simple.

One-button switch, simple and convenient

Abundant accessories, equipped with charger, storage base, cleaning brush, oil bottle

Blade removal

1、Press the blade down with your thumb to remove the blade

Install the blade

1、Align the blade with the slot on the main unit and push the blade down until it clicks into place


1. Please read this instruction carefully before using this product.

2. Do not dismantle the main unit yourself

3. Keep out of reach of children in case of danger.

4. Spill the oil drops in the blade before use.

5. Do not unplug the adapter from outlet with wet hands to avoid electric shock

6. Unplugged from the outlet once the product is fully charged.

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