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Smart Air Cooler



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    Ice box

New smart home life

New upgrade! Intelligent products open a new home life.With the use of "AIGOSmart App" to achieve stronger remote control function. The air cooler can be easily operated by mobile phone anytime and anywhere,such as turn on/off, adjust the wind speed and wind mode, timing shut down and so on, give comfort and care to the whole family

Refrigeration by water cooling

In the hot summer, you can enjoy the cool and refreshing. The air cooler water pump will pump the water to the wet curtain, and the hot air will be inhaled through the wet curtain and the cold air will be blown out, so as to realize the rapid cooling and refrigeration, which is cold and moist and will not make the skin dry.

Three wind speeds and wind modes

Three wind modes including Normal, Natural and Sleep; Control three wind speeds among High, Mid and Low at you wish, enjoy as you like.

12 hours timing

12 hours ultra-long timer shutdown, energy saving and worry-free, make you sleep well all night.

Broader air supply

60° horizontal oscillation and 100° vertical manually tilting achieve a wider range of air supply, which meet different requirements, you will love it in summer.

Children lock function, safer to use

5 meters remote control, to control the wind easily

Free ice boxes

Two free ice boxes release cool factor all the time so as to achieve long-lasting cooling.

Water tank capacity: 7L

Continuous use for 6-8 hours, free of worry about adding water frequently.

Caster wheels for easy moving.

Handle design, easy to carry


1. When the cooling fan is running, do not put your fingers, pencils, etc. into the fan grid.

2. When running the cooling fan, please place it on a stable ground to prevent it from tipping over.

3. When the appliance is not in use or before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the outlet.

4. Use a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of detergent to wipe the appearance of the appliance.

5. Do not place the cooling fan near the window to prevent rainwater from entering and causing the risk of electric leakage.

6. Be sure to prevent water or other liquids from entering the motor or internal parts.

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