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Deep fryer with double pots



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  • 1

    Outer shell

  • 2

    Inner pot

  • 3

    Electric unit

  • 4


  • 5

    Fry basket

  • 6

    Basket handle

Healthy frying, enjoy delicious food together

Eat healthy frying food at home, easy to operate, enjoy tasty food with your friends and family

High end version, two pots with big capacity

Two pots design are practical for use. When cooking demand is large, double pots frying at the same time, when demand is small, single pot frying saves electricity and oil.

Multi-gear of temperature control for precise cooking

Multi-gear control panel, easy to operate. 90-190 ℃ constant temperature cooking, cooking becomes a easy thing

Enamel and non-stick coating

Filter on the lid to lessen lampblack during cooking

Detachable pot handle

Handle and frying basket buckle design, it's detachable, heat insulation, safe, and also convenient for storage.

The oil pot can be detached, easy to clean

Transparent visible window for easy frying

Auto power off when electric unit has been lifted, safer to use


1. Do not touch or clean the appliance until it completely cooled down.

2. Place the appliance on a flat and hard surface. Do not use the appliance near curtains or other flammable materials, this presents a fire risk.

3. The oil level should between Max and Min as indicated inside the removable pot.

4. When uncover the lid, keep your face and skin away from the steam to avoid burns.

5. Store the appliance in cool and dry place if you do not use it for a long time.

6. Do not leave the appliance unattended when using or in high surface temperature, take care of your children.

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