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Stainless steel high-power electric kettle



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Drink fresh hot water, be healthy and elegant.

Beautiful morning starts with a glass of fresh hot water. Stainless steel kettle body uses simple and fashionable style. Fast heating satisfies drinking needs, and starts a new day.

Food grade material for safety and health

Kettle adopts 304 stainless steel inner pot, which is food grade material without BPA, more resistant to high temperature, not easy to rust, easy to clean and healthier.

2200W high power, efficient water boiling, can boil a pot of water in 4 minutes

Precise temperature control offers protection for dry-heating

Built -in high quality thermostat realizes precise temperature control. When water is boiling, it cuts off automatically to prevent dry-boiling.

Overheating protection function, safe to use

360° rotating base, convenient to use

The body can connect with the base and take up in any angle, easy to use

Base wire spool, convenient to collect wires


1. When filling water, do not exceed the maximum water line(MAX 1.2L) and do not lower than the minimum water line (Min 0.5L) indicated on the outside of the kettle to prevent water from boiling over and causing injuries

2. Do not turn the spout to people to avoid scald

3. Do not immerse kettle, base or cord in water or any other liquids to avoid electric shock.

4. Keep the kettle out of the reach of children, children must be supervised not to get in touch with kettle when it is working.

5. Always shut down and unplug the kettle before filling/pouring water and cleaning.

6. When the appliance is damaged, stop using immediately and send it to an authorize center for repair.

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