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Minimalistic deep fryer



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  • 1

    Outer shell

  • 2

    Inner pot

  • 3

    Electric unit

  • 4


  • 5

    Fry basket

  • 6

    Basket handle

Professional frying

Stainless steel body, anti-rust and durable. Nice appearance with high texture, which must be the best fryer in the kitchen. This deep fryer is easy to use, you can DIY various kinds of food in a professional standard.

Enamel chamber

Enamel material to prevent food sticking to the chamber, heat up quickly and save oil, good-looking and easy cleaning

Temperature adjustment

The temperature knob controls the frying temperature precisely and keep a good color and taste of food, you can make many kinds of delicious food easily.

Efficient heat pipes

1800-2200 watts high power heating elements, heating quickly and evenly, long service life and durable

Detachable design

The frying pot and frying basket can be separated, the handle can also be detached from frying basket, anti-scale and easy to clean

Automatic power off when lift up the electric unit

The appliance adopted humanization design which will power off automatically when the electric unit has been lifted, it prevents the dry heating of heating element and scald, safer to use

High capacity of 3.0L

Big capacity meets the requirements of many people at one time

Rubber anti-slip feet pads to stabilize the body

Homemade chips

1、Sliced 500g potatoes into 0.5cm wide strips, soaked in cold water to remove starch.

2、Boil the potatoes until six or seven mature.

3、Dry the potatoes sticks and put them in the refrigerator until the potato strips become hard.

4、Heating the oil to medium hot, put the frozen potatoes sticks into the basket then lower the basket into the oil.

5、When the chips turn golden brown, lift the fryer basket and drain off the oil.

6、Serve fried chips on a plate, sprinkled with a little salt or dip some tomato sauce when eating.

Fried chicken leg

1、Prepare 300g chicken legs. After washing, add soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and sugar to taste for 20 minutes (the amount of seasoning is according to personal taste), then mix the legs with egg white and dip in a little starch.

2、Put the oil to the fryer and heat the oil to a proper temperature (The oil temperature should not be too high or the leg would not crisp enough

3、Put the flavored chicken leg into the frying basket, drop the frying basket slowly, let the chicken leg fully immersed in oil.

4、Frying Chicken until it turns golden in color,lift the basket, then drain the oil and enjoy it.

Fried banana

1、Prepare 4 bananas, peel and cut into 1cm pieces. Set aside.

2、Prepare two eggs, beat and mix them. Add the right amount of starch and mix will (not to be too dry)

3、Cover the cut banana with the beaten egg mixture.

4、Pour the oil into the fryer and heat up until the temperature is suitable. Add banana segments into the frying basket and drop the basket to a certain oil level.

5、When banana surface turns golden brown, lift the fryer basket , drain and serve.

Fried ice cream

1、Prepare 2 eggs, some ice cream and 6 buns.

2、Whisk the eggs and take out a bread roll, use a spoon to dig a small hole on the middle of bread, then put appropriate amount of ice cream ice cream(You can put more ice cream if you like).

3、Close the bread and roll it around in the beaten egg.

4、Pour oil to the deep fryer and burn it to proper temperature. Put bread into the basket, then descend it to a certain oil level.

5、About one minute, when the bun is golden brown, lift the basket and drain the oil. Serve on a plate.


1. Do not touch or clean the appliance until it completely cooled down.

2. Place the appliance on a flat and hard surface. Do not use the appliance near curtains or other flammable materials, this presents a fire risk.

3. The oil level should between Max and Min as indicated inside the removable pot.

4. When uncover the lid, keep your face and skin away from the steam to avoid burns.

5. Store the appliance in cool and dry place if you do not use it for a long time.

6. Do not leave the appliance unattended when using or in high surface temperature, take care of your children.

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