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Stainless steel electric food steamer



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    Steaming plate

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    Juice accumulating plate

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    Shaped ring

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    Heating base

Life nutritionist, double the health

Oilless healthy steaming, low calorie and does not cause heaty, keep the original taste of food, nutritious and healthy, start a fresh life.

Care your family health

Food grade plastic material without BPA, no fear of high temperature, safe and durable

Turbo ring heating, steam food quickly

Turbo heating, steam food quickly. The steam generated in 15s, no steam leaking and water spraying, save half cooking time

60 minutes timing, you don't have to check it from time to time, more convenient

Big capacity, more function, save space

3*3L transparent steamers can be stacked to save space and enlarge the capacity, steam food in high efficiency

Visible window, easy control of remaining water

Two hidden side water inlets, you can add water without opening the lid

Dry protection, safer to use

Steamed fish

1、Risen the fish and cut into slices.

2、Sprinkle the prepared sauce on the fish slices

3、Put the fish slices into the steamer

4、Set the time for 10min, Serve immediately

Steamed Chicken

1、Risen the chicken and remove the bone

2、Put the prepared chicken into the steamer

3、Set the time for 20-30min

4、Once ready, drip some sauce and serve

Steamed Potatoes

1、Wash the potatoes and cut into cubes

2、Put the processed potato cubes into the steamer

3、Set the time for 20-30min, Serve immediately


1. Do not put the steamer near the heating source or on an oven to avoid damage.

2. When the steamer is working, do not remove the baskets to avoid burns.

3. Due to the high steam temperature, do not let the exposed skin touch the steam or steamer when the steamer is heating. Wear anti-scalding gloves to avoid burns.

4. Due to the high steam temperature during working, keep the steamer out of children's reach.

5. Always switch off and unplug the power before moving the steamer.

6. Clean and maintain the steamer in time or the dirt will be harder to clean.

7. Do not immerse the base in water for cleaning.

8. If there is any damage to the steamer or power cord, stop using immediately and take it to a service center for repair.

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