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Electric table grill



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Large size grill grid

The size of this grill is L500*W345*H80mm, which can meet the requirements of 2-5 persons, suitable for family gathering or BBQ party

2000W High power heating element

The element starts heating as soon as power on with fast heat conduction which can grill food evenly and fast without nutrition loss

Food grade material which is not easy to rust and wear, healthy and safe

200℃ thermostat grilling, less smoke and no carbon

Oil-collecting tray can storage water for cooling the base and decrease grilling smoke

Fill oil-collecting tray with cool water can decrease the temperature of base and helps heat dissipation lest the dropping oil destroys the table. It can also prevent the food crumbs sticking to the bottom of tray so that it can be cleaned easily.

Anti-scalding thermostat and control panel for safely put and take

Detachable body for easy cleaning and storing

Detachable grill grid, heating element and oil collecting tray are convenient for storage. Grill grid and oil collecting tray are washable.

Equipped with indicator light

Turn on the thermostat, the power indicator lights on.Turn off the knob, the indicator goes off.

Automatic Power Off in off-line state

The heating element power off automatically when it is being lifted, safe and secure


1. When grilling, do not use tray or tinfoil beneath the food in case damage the grill grid

2. The grilling time depends on the setting temperature and the thickness of foods. Foods with a certain thickness is recommended to be pierced with metal skewers for grilling.

3. Before adding water, take off the heating element first, or it will damage the element.

4. When cleaning the grill, wipe the body with damp cloth, do not immerse heating element into water.

5. Do not use rough detergents, acid pads or steel wool to avoid damage to the coating.

6. Children and people who with reduced physical should use this product under supervision.

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