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LED B5 sipiral



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360 degrees three-dimensional light emitting, leading to the development of light source in the future

Soft lighting increases the spice of life, making indoor color more vivid. 360 degrees dimensional projection, free of dead corner makes life brighter.

360 degrees comprehensive illumination

Irradiation without dark areas with wide range of applications make up defects of 180 degree irradiation of ball light.

A multi-functional light

A variety of matching applys to the hall, living room, bedroom, study, and other scenes but also for floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps and other lamps.

High quality paster

Low calorie, no radiation, no mercury, environmental protection, sturdy and durable, long service life.

Good heat dissipation effect

Precise ventilation holes design enhances the cooling performance of light and fast heat.

E27 Lamp base

High-quality standard E27 screw installs easily and has good capacity of heat-transmission.


1. Please don't drop the lamp or push against it.

2. Please don't disassemble the lamp, don't make alterations.

3. Don't use lids without ventilation openings.

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