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Convection heater



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High efficient heating, no need to wait

Built-in heating wire, heating up quickly without waiting, heating evenly to realize warm air convection circulation, heating the whole house, natural and comfortable.

Free temperature control,intelligent constant temperature, save power energy and your effort

3 gears of power 800W,1200W, 2000W can be adjusted at your wish

Anti-freezing function, to work normally at low temperature

Mute operating, enjoy a warm and cozy winter

Overheating protection, safe to get warm

Humanized convenient handle, easy to move the device

Installation steps

1、Turn the heater upside down with the bottom upward and remove the on board screws

2、Position the buckle on the support over the screw hole, push the support until the hole on the support coincides with the screw hole on the heater.

3、Place the screws through the support holes and tighten them.

4、After the installation is complete, turn the body right-side-up for use


1. Please keep it upright. Do not put it upside down or obliquely to prevent the heater run dry.

2. Do not cover other articles on the heater, or the heat can not be distributed in time, which may cause short circuit or fire disaster.

3. Hands must be dry during operation to avoid electric shock.

4. If the power cord is aging, knotted or the plug is damaged, please stop using it immediately and go to the professional maintenance center for maintenance. Do not dismantle it by yourself.

5. Disconnected the heater before cleaning,maintaining and moving.

6. Do not use the same socket with other high power appliance.

7. To avoid the burns,do not directly touch the heater surface with exposed skin.

8. Do not use it in areas where gasoline, paint, or flammable liquids are used or stored.Avoid direct sunlight.

9. Do not use the heater near bathtub,shower or swimming pool.

10. Do not knock or vibrate the heater when it is working,it may cause the heater stop working.

11. Do not use outdoors.

12. Always unplug the heater when it is not in use.

13. Use wet cloth(with a little cleaning agents) to clean the only the external surfaces of the heater,do not use corrosive cleaning agents or solvents,do not rinse the heater with water.

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