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All-in-one wet dry vacuum cleaner



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    charging base

  • 3

    Drying tray

  • 4

    Cleaning brush

  • 5

    Cleaning brush

  • 6

    Power Adapter

All-in-one for wet and dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaner & electric mop, easy and efficient cleaning for wet and dry waste, meet the cleaning needs of multiple scenes.

Cordless design, clean the whole room freely

Clean wherever it is dirty, vacuum & wash at the same time. The whole house can be cleaned easily.

Voice prompt, better experience

Voice prompt, easy to know the cleaning state of the machine at any time, simple operation and easy to use.

Strong suction, deep cleaning

Strong suction power, HEPA super filtration, high cleaning efficiency, it can easily remove ground stains while powerfully cleaning the ground.

One-button self-cleaning, no manual cleaning is required, saving the trouble of disassembly and washing

LED display to show real-time status

Real-time display of power consumption, suction gear, use time, water shortage and full water alarm, self-cleaning reminder, so that users can better understand the use of the machine.

2 suction power controls for different cleaning requirement

Two kinds of brush, one machine for multiple uses, more labor-saving

680ml big water tank and 450ml dirty water tank, no need to add water frequently

Large-capacity battery pack, long endurance for long-term cleaning

Charging base, storing and charging at the same time, saving valuable space

Upright design, you can put it anywhere at any time, easy to use


1. The user is forbidden to disassemble this product, otherwise it will cause danger.

2. Before cleaning or maintaining this product, be sure to unplug the power plug and turn off the power of the machine.

3. Do not touch the socket, power adapter or LED display when your hands are wet to avoid the risk of electric shock.

4. Please use the power adapter specially equipped with this product for charging. If you use other power adapters for charging, the product may be damaged.

5. This product is not suitable for persons with physical, sensory, or intellectual impairments or lack of experience and common sense (including children), unless there is supervision or guidance by others to ensure that it can be used safely.

6. Do not block the air inlet and outlet to prevent the machine from overheating.

7. Do not shake or bump the machine violently to prevent sewage from flowing into the motor.

8. When moving the machine, keep the machine upright to prevent sewage from entering the motor.

9. If the clean water tank and the dirty water tank are not installed in place, do not use the product.

10. This product is only suitable for use in a home environment, and cannot be used in an industrial environment or outdoors.

11. Do not use this product to remove unextinguished heat sources such as cigarette butts and matches to avoid fire.

12. Do not use this product to remove flammable, explosive or highly volatile liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene, paint, perfume, etc. These liquids may cause the product to short-circuit or explode.

13. Do not use this product to remove sharp objects, such as glass shards, pushpins, iron nails, paper clips, stones, etc., to avoid damage to the product.

14. Do not use this product to remove pigment, paint, shoe polish and other strong staining stains.

15. Do not use this product to vacuum foamy liquid to avoid damage to the motor.

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