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4-slice sandwich maker



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Special and tasty food

Creative recipes make breakfast more delicious and start a full day of vitality.

4-Slice extra large baking pan, more efficient

Large capacity with efficient operation, a multi-purpose machine to meet the needs of various tastes of the whole family.

Double-sided constant temperature baking

The upper and lower plates are baked on both sides, and the constant temperature function to grasp the best baking temperature. The sandwich is evenly heated and not burnt, crispy outside and tender inside, with a crispy wheat flavor.

Non-stick coated triangular baking pan, durable and easy to clean

Anti-scalding handle, easy to operate

Lock design, tighter pressing and more even heating

The device can be stored upright to save space

Ham and cheese sandwich

1、Prepare 4 pieces of bread and some hams, tomatoes and cheese.

2、Plug the power and preheat the appliance

3、After 5 mins, the green light goes out indicates the end of preheat

4、Add the ingredients in order, press the lid compact and cook for 4 mins (Time could be adjusted according to your requirement).

5、When you have finished baking, turn the temperature knob to the "0" position and unplug the power.Then take out the waffles.


1. Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.

2. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

3. Unplug the power before cleaning.

4. Never use abrasive or chemical cleaning agents.

5. Do not immerse the appliance in water.

6. Dry all accessories thoroughly before attaching them to the appliance.

7. Never touch the appliance when it is working.

8. Do not use iron products in direct contact with the product, so as not to scratch the coating.

9. Pay attention to high temperature so as not to be burned.

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