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Horizontal slow juicer



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    Main engine

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    Juice cup

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    Pulp container

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    Cleaning brush

Stylish and elegant appearance, high-quality texture

Low speed and slow squeezing, efficient juice extraction

The slow-speed juicer uses a low-speed (70rpm) motor for fine grinding, the original juice is extracted, and the juice yield is high, maintaining more active enzymes and less oxidation, making the fruit and vegetable juice rich in nutritional value and easy to absorb.

The juice and pulp is separated, the taste is fine and no residue in the original flavor

Multi-segment screw, more fully squeezed

The screw rod imitates the principle of traditional stone milling squeezing, super torque does not jam the machine, and extract the juice thoroughly.

Food grade material without BPA, health care

Convenient operation and cleaning

5 seconds to install, 3 seconds to disassemble, 2 seconds to clean, the easy-to-install system makes it more convenient to use.

One-key operation, REV switch for reverse juice extraction function

Large-opening design, ingredients can be put in large pieces, making juice easier

Equipped with 700ml juice cup and pulp cup, full of fresh fruits and vegetables charm

Equipped with a cleaning brush, and the filter is dishwasher safe

Equipped with exquisite recipes to satisfy rich gourmet ideas


1. Fibrous ingredients such as celery are best cut into small pieces not exceeding 3 cm, and then slowly put into the machine.

2. Harder ingredients such as grains, sugar cane and ginger are not suitable for juicing.

3. Cherries, grapefruit and the fruits have hard core, please remove the seeds and core before juicing; Lemons, oranges etc are best to peel, so as not to affect the taste of the juice and damage the machine.

4. When processing hard fruits and vegetables, the machine will have a "squeaking" rubbing sound, and the machine may shake slightly. This is normal.

5. When using darker pigmented fruit and vegetable ingredients, such as carrots, beetroot, etc., the juice cup may be slightly stained, which is normal.

6. Before starting up, please make sure that the safety catch is locked in the correct position.

7. During the juicing process, when fruits and vegetables are blocked in the feeding chute, the pusher can be used to move them to make them squeeze the juice faster.

8. When the machine is used up, please clean up the residue in the machine in time, the longer the dirt is hidden, the more difficult it will be to clean.

9. Do not immerse the main body in water for cleaning!

10. The machine should not be used continuously for more than 20 minutes. Please wait for the time to cool down before continuing to use it.

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