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Stainless steel toaster



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Convenient breakfast, easy and simple

Just press the lever to bake immediately, efficient and durable, and it will automatically power off and pop up after baking. Simple operation to have a variety of breakfast, healthy and delicious.

Stainless steel body, durable and more stylish

Two separated baking areas meet different requirements at the same time.

Four wider bread slots&1550W high power for fast and time-saving baking

6 gears of toasting

6 different flavors, from soft to crispy, flexibly adjust the degree of baking, and choose the burnt degree you like.

Four main functions, easy to operate

Four main functions, one-button defrosting to restore normal temperature baking; reheating function to restore the soft taste of the bread; cancel function to stop baking at any time; the unique BAGEL function for single-sided baking.

With crumbs collecting trays

Removable crumb tray can facilitate the recycling of bread crumbs, it can be washed directly to keep clean.

The power cord storage at the bottom avoid troubles of messy cords


1. Please read the following safety precautions carefully before using the appliance.

2. Before plugging the toaster into the mains electrical supply, check that the voltage and power supply comply with the specifications indicated on the appliance's rating plate.

3. Always keep the toaster and its power cord out of children's reach. Firm adult supervision is necessary when the appliance is used close to children. Children should not play with the appliance.

4. Always place the toaster on a stable, flat, heat-resistant surface. Also, ensure that the surface can take the weight of the unit during use.

5. Take care when using the toaster as it reaches very high temperatures and the outside surfaces are liable to get hot during use. DO NOT touch the outside surfaces during use, particularly in the area of the toasting slots.

6. Do not place the cable or any other object over the toasting slots whilst the toaster is in operation.

7. Do not attempt to dislodge food while the toaster is in operation.

8. To unplug the appliance, firmly grasp the plug and remove it from the mains electrical supply. DO NOT PULL ON THE CORD.

9. Do not inset metal objects or other utensils into the toaster as this will cause an electric shock or fire.

10. Make sure that the toaster is switched off and remove the plug from the mains electrical supply when it is not in use, also do this before it is cleaned and while repairs are being carried out.

11. The toaster must not be submerged in water, as any contact with the electrical parts will produce a malfunction risk and electric shock. Do not use the appliance with wet hands.

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