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Hand blender set



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    Measuring glass

  • 3

    Chopping bowl

  • 4

    Egg beater

  • 5

    Milk frother

Multifunctional appliance, incarnate as a small cooking master

Multi-purposes device, many accessories can be combined at will to make various foods. It can meet the cooking needs of mixing, chopping, egg beating, milk frothing, etc., simple and convenient, release your hands and enhance the cooking skills.

Strong power, fast and efficient

500W powerful motor for fast mixing, save time and effort, say goodbye to the hard cooking process.

Unique ice blade system

Three-dimensional cyclone sharp blade, chopping, stirring and crushing ice more quickly.

4 speeds, smooth control, easy cooking

Food grade material, SUS304 stainless steel sticks and SUS301 blade, safer and more durable

Rich accessories with 600ml measuring cup, 500ml mixing bowl, egg beaters and milk frother, easy to use

Separate design, release the stirring sticks in one button, easy to disassemble and clean


1. Before disassembling or installing any parts of the product, be sure to disconnect the power supply

2. If the power supply is damaged, in order to avoid danger, please contact our company's customer service staff, or go to the company's designated maintenance centre for replacement, do not disassemble and repair by yourself.

3. When this product is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch detachable parts such as blades and motors to avoid injury or damage to the product.

4. Do not stir food without water.

5. Do not operate the hand blender continuously for more than 1 minute. Rest for half an hour after 5 rounds (5 minutes)

6. This product cannot be used to process hard ingredients, such as rock sugar, brown sugar, and noodles; please do not process items other than foof ingredients, such as medicinal materials.

7. After the processing is completed, please wait for the motor and blade to stop running and ensure that the power supply is disconnected before removing the main body.

8. Do not use any corrosive cleaners or liquids to clean the product, you can use a soft damp cloth to clean the surface.

9. This product should be stored in a place out of reach of children. Do not let people (including children) who are physically impaired, feel or mentally impaired, or lack relevant experience and knowledge, use or play with this product.

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