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Stainless steel electric kettle



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Stainless steel simple shape fits for all kinds of life scenes

SUS304 inner chamber

The kettle adopts SUS304 inner chamber, which is resistant to high temperature and not easy to rust, safe and durable.

Safely boil water and prevent dry burning

Built-in high-quality OTTER thermostat achieves precise temperature control, and the water is boiled at a constant temperature. The kettle will auto power off when water boiling to prevent dry boiling.

With blue indicator light, be clear at a glance

With a blue LED light circle, you can enjoy the visual beauty while boiling water.

Removable fine filter, effectively filter scale

Visual water gauge, easy to add water

360° rotating base, easy to use

Base wire spool, convenient to collect wires


1. When filling water, do not exceed the maximum indicator line(MAX 1.7L) indicated on the outside of the kettle to prevent water from boiling overflow and causing injuries

2. Do not turn the spout to people to avoid scald

3. Do not immerse kettle, base or cord in water or any other liquids to avoid electric shock.

4. Keep the kettle out of the reach of children, children must be supervised not to get in touch with kettle when it is working.

5. Always shut down and unplug the kettle before filling/pouring water and cleaning.

6. When the appliance is damaged, stop using immediately and send it to an authorize center for repair.

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