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Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines



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    Espresso Machine

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    Metal funnel assembly

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    2 kinds of meshes

Enjoy Italian romance

Hard lines & metal body, showing the fashion texture, enjoy an Italian coffee journey privately.

Multi-purpose machine, make various kinds of coffee

Multi-functional design, semi-automatic DIY, you can make espresso, milk froth and fancy coffee in many flavors etc.

NTC precise temperature control

Real-time sensing of temperature changes, accurate temperature, professional extraction, quickly make coffee without waiting.

Visualized operating, easier to use

Retro thermometer and indicator light design, real-time display of water temperature for best coffee extraction result

Restore the pure flavor of coffee

15 bar pump pressure extraction, stability high pressure makes coffee pure and full of oil.

Powerful milk frothering system

The steam can be adjusted by knob, and the appropriate steam temperature can easily make dense milk froth.

Overheating protection , safer to use

1.5L removable transparent water tank, easy to add water

Removable drip tray, more convenient for cleaning


1. Do not pour hot water, milk, coffee powder or tea into the water tank.

2. Always use fresh cold water.

3. Do not inject water beyond the maximum water level to avoid overflowing when the water is boiling.

4. Do not touch the chassis when the machine is working so as not to be scalded.

5. Please cut off the power supply before cleaning the machine to prevent electric shock.

6. Please wipe the bottom of the container and the surface of the product with a soft wet cloth to remove stains.

7. Wipe the heating base a wet cloth and do not use detergent to clean it so as not to damage the base.

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