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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    Nozzle brush

  • 3

    Soft dusting brush

  • 4

    Wall-mounted bracket

  • 5

    Small cleaning brush

Cordless design, clean the whole room freely

Cleaning dust not limited by space and distance, multiple scenarios used, remove the waste from the whole room

Explore the strongest cleaning power

250W high performance digital motor, 22Kpa suction power for deep cleaning, smooth and save efforts

High efficiency filtering achieved long lasting and smooth cleaning

9-cyclone dust air separation system for high efficiency cleaning, the suction power is powerful and stable, strictly prevent secondary pollution

3 power settings optional to meet different cleaning demands

The light and thin brush which fits the floor well and cleans the dust flexibly

The floor brush can fit the floor in 180°, the corners and narrow places at home can be cleaned completely

Cleaning dust without effort

LED brush light&smooth wheel, cleaning your house effortless

Easy to disassemble and replace the accessories

Creative roller brush disassembly design, easy for cleaning and operating

With multiple accessories, a good helper for cleaning

Various kinds of cleaning brushes can be used in different scenes and matches, one appliance for multiple use, more save efforts

Empty dust cup in one button, easy and convenient

Humanized design, cleaning dust without contacting it, simple steps won't dirty your hands, more effortless

Detachable and durable battery pack for long time cleaning

Wall-mounted bracket helps to pick up accessories easily and save space


1. Ensure that the dust cup is installed correctly before using it.

2. Do not vacuum water and inflammable materials.

3. The filter shall not be cleaned in the washing machine or dried by the blower.

4. The filter shall be washed regularly with constant maintenance.

5. Do not use or store the machine in high temperature areas.

6. Do not use the machine outdoors and in moist conditions.

7. Children are not allowed to use it in case of accidents.

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