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Portable Smart Air Conditioner



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    Remote Controller

  • 3

    Window kit

  • 4

    Hose connector

  • 5

    Window kit adapter

  • 6

    Exhaust hose

  • 7

    Drainage pipe

New smart home life

New upgrade! Intelligent products open a new home life.With the use of "AIGOSmart App", it can be easily operated by mobile phone anytime and anywhere, and it can be opened at a fixed time remotely to enjoy the comfortable coolness when you get home.

Multifunctional appliance with 3 main functions

3 in 1 function achieved efficiently cooling, it can dry and supply air in one button, no matter in hot summer or humid season, your room can always be comfortable

Strong refrigeration, enjoy the cool

R410A environment-friendly refrigerant has stable performance, the cooling capacity can up to 10000BTU, low energy consumption and fast cooling.The temperature can be adjusted from 16℃ to 30℃, which drives away the hot air quickly and makes you feel cool.

Integrated body, no need for installation

No external unit, no need to drill holes, easy installation to save your efforts

No space limited

Universal casters can be moved at any time, suitable for a variety of scenes, you can use it wherever you want and enjoy the cool.

24 hours timing start up/shut down

24 hours timing start up/shut down, which makes you feel cool as soon as your get home

Multi angles air supply

Wider air supply, up and down 114° manually, 90° auto oscillation left to right

2 gears of wind speed to meet different requirement

Choose "sleep mode" in one button, create a comfortable night

Water-full warning protection

Condensed water system, automatic evaporation drainage, the water storage tank is 560ml and it will automatic alarm when full of water.

Convenient handle on the back, easy to use

Memory function when power off, which makes life easy

Children lock function to take care of your family

Remote control, easy to operate

Simple touch panel on the top, easy to use and no need to bend over

Installation steps

1、Connect the hose connector to one end of the exhaust hose

2、Connect the window kit adapter to the other end of the exhaust hose

3、Use the window kit (for sash and sliding windows)①Extend the adjustable window kit to the length of your window and screw it in position, connect the window kit adapter to the window kit.② Close your window to secure the kit. It must hold the window kit firmly in place: secure with duct tape if required.③ Attach the hose connector to the unit's exhaust air out let.④ Adjust the length of the flexible exhaust hose and straighten out any bends. Adjust the louver at the air outlet, then switch on the unit.


1. If the unit has been tipped more than 45° allow it to remain upright for at least 24 hours before start-up.

2. Place the unit on a firm, level surface in an area with at least 50cm of free space around it to allow for proper air circulation.

3. Keep the air inlet and outlet free of obstacles.

4. Never install the unit where it could be subject to heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products that produce heat.

5. Do not inset fingers or other objects into the air outlet

6. When the appliance is not in use or before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the outlet.

7. The plastic bags used for packaging are not toys. Please keep them away from infants to avoid the risk of suffocation

8. Please wipe the exterior parts with a soft cloth soaking a mild detergent.

9. Install the unit in rooms which exceed 9㎡

10. Do not allow water or any other liquid into the motor housing or interior parts.

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