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LED dimmable table lamp



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Touch dimmer

Access to sensitive touch switch, touch light, dimming simple, more fashionable.

Search lights at night

Special LED function makes you look for quickly and easily lamp position in the night.

Intelligent three touch dimmer

The use of advanced third gear touch dimmer, peace of mind, wisdom with quantitative light and dark.

Multi-mode optical efficiency environment

Intelligent multi-mode color temperature setting dimming feature that allows you to enjoy the fun of the different light patterns in different environments, stepless dimming, flexible and comfortable.

Silicone hoses design

Using silicone hose designed to give you a comfortable touch feel, more illumination angle adjustable.


Soft technology, no glare, no strobe.

LED light source with high brightness

High-quality, high-brightness SMD LED lamp beads, through a special optical processing, emits high brightness soft light.


50,000 hours long life.

Ultra wide voltage input

Power adapter for 90V-240V wide voltage input, suitable for use in different regions of the world voltage, eliminating the region is low voltage, high security concerns.

Low voltage output

Lamps internal voltage is human safety voltage (36V) within, let you use more secure.

A class energy efficient products


1. Please use indoor only, do not use the product outdoors,or in locations with high humidity like a bathroom as this is not waterproof.

2. The product can be used in: Temperature -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity should be less than 98%.

3. The first time you use this lamp, connect the DC plug and the lamp body DC outlets, and put the distributed LED driver (power adapter) in the appropriate socket, and plug in power.

4. Do not open LED power adapter by yourself for repair.

5. Unplug the power adapter of LED when it is not in use for a long time.

6. Unplug immediately: (smoke, peculiar smell ) when an exception occurs in use.

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