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High-quality aluminum housing

Good heat dissipation, heat resistance, less light decay and long service life.

Safe and durable

It is dust-proof, insect-proof and not easily deformed. It is more safer to use than traditional halogen lamps for a long time.

High-quality COB light source

Uniform light, soft light, no glare, no harm to eyes.

Efficient optical lens

Light loss is small, illumination is good and the illumination angle is 24-25°.

High power transformers

Make perfect combination of lamps, electrical appliances and light sources.

Engaging also durable

Lightweight and compact appearence, which easy to install and replace; 30,000 hours long service life, which eliminating the need for frequent replacement but also reduces the risk of high-end lamp replacement.

Best choice for focus lighting

Widely used insupermarket(clothes shop, furniture shop and other brand shops)car display,jewelry, hotel,brand clothes,high-end clubs, blogs, exhibition halls, chain stores, brand business halls, professional window, counters, etc. All are ideal light sources.

A class energy efficient products


1. The product can be used in: Temperature -25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity less than 10% ~ 90% RH.

2. Do not open LED power by yourself for supplying for maintenance.

3. Turn off the power before installation.

4. Hands must be kept dry during installation.

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