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Mini Electric Kettle



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Healthy food grade material

The kettle body uses food grade plastic material, free of BPA, health and safety, using for a long time without peculiar smell.

1.0L capacity design

Not only can satisfy many people's demands for water ,but also can let daily boil water more flexible and convenient.

Convenient to use easy to clean

One-touch operation ,convenient and quick, high quality plastic material, not easy to produce scale, easy to clean.

Built-in thermostat

High-quality built-in refined thermostat let water be boiling fully while ensures automatic power-off, anti-dry features such well-functioning.


1. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

2. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

3. This machine is only used for boiling water. Do not heat other foods, such as milk, juice, etc.

4. Unplug the power before cleaning.

5. Do not clean or wipe the product with sharp and rough cleaning materials.

6. After a long time of use,If scales occur,you can pour white vinegar and water into the kettle at a ratio of 1:2. After boiling, cut the power off and soak it overnight, and then wash with clean water , the scales can be removed.

7. Dry all accessories thoroughly before attaching them to the appliance.

8. Never touch the appliance when it is working.

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