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Cable reel



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European standard power cord

Three-core high-quality copper wire, a minimum of 48 per share, good linearity, small heat, to meet the long-term full load use.

Overload protection

When the load exceeds the rated power of the sum of the power socket bomb button immediately pops up automatically cut off the power. After the overload removed, can be restored to use, effectively preventing all kinds of security risks.

Protect children from electric shock

Each jack has an independent inner safety protection door, which can effectively prevent the insertion of children's fingers or hand-held metal objects, reduce the risk of electric shock, and fully protect the safety of children.

Resistant to plug and unplug

Copper elastic strong, normal plug 5000 times not loose.

Integrated plug

Intensified torsion does not make deformation, in line with European certification standards.


1. Only suitable for indoor use.

2. When the thermal circuit breaker is cut, press the red button to turn off the power.

3. When rolled or pulled wires, unplug the power supply.

4. Do not cover it when it is in use.

5. Insert the appropriate plugs.

6. When it is not in use, turn off the power.

7. Keep away from children.

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