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2 USB ports

Support fast charge

Provide 2 USB charging interfaces, support 2.1A fast charging, mobile phones, ipad and digital cameras can use simultaneously.

High-quality wire

Safe and durable

High-quality three-core copper cable, a minimum of 32 per share, good linearity, small heat, to meet the long-term full load use.

High-quality copper


High-quality copper with patent insert set design, tough elastic, resistant plug, normal plug 5000 is not loose, can effectively prevent arcing.

Advanced flame retardant material

Eliminate fire hazards

High-quality PC material, fire retardant components for advanced engineering materials, industry flammability standards, do not burn with 750-degree heat, effectively prevent fire hazards.

Certificated plug

High quality standards

With switch design, can be a key to turn off the main power. Integrated plug, strong twisting deformation, in line with European certification standards.

Child Protection

Reduce the risk of electric shock

Each jack has a separate security gate, can effectively prevent from the introduction of children with a finger or a hand-held metal objects, reduce risk of electric shock.


1. Only suitable for indoor use.

2. Do not cover it when it is in use.

3. Insert the appropriate plugs.

4. When it in not in use, turn off the power.

5. Keep away from children.

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