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Plastic steamer



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    Rice blow

  • 3

    Steamer basket

  • 4

    Juice accumulating plate

  • 5

    Shaped ring

  • 6

    Water tank

Steaming kept the original taste of food

Healthy steam process avoids to cook by oil in high temperature, powerful steam helps to lock the nutrition of food, smokeless and low calorie, so as to make healthy and tasty food.

Food-grade material,BPA free

The steamer adopted safety food-grade PP material which is heat-resisting, clean and high transparency. Steam food without worries.

Separate design of steamer baskets, easy to put and take

Three 3000ml steamer baskets allow you to control cooking amount at your wish. One for single, two for couple, three baskets could meet the requirements of whole family.

Generate steam in 15s

Shaped ring design for shrinking the heating area, quickly generate power and steam in 15s, so as to save power and the cooking time.

Baskets which can be stacked save nearly 50% storage space

User-friendly baskets can be stacked in order or inverted order according to the digit mark on the handle, very convenient and space-saving.

60 min timing function

Simple rotating knob for easy operation, you just need to put on the ingredients and set the time, then the tasty food will be done.

Add water in both sides inlets without opening the lid.

The water in tank will be decreased after a long period of working, you can add water through water inlets in both sides in a fast and convenient way.

Juice accumulating plate to prevent dripping, easy to clean

Juice accumulating plate under the baskets could prevent sauce and steam water from dripping into heating elements in order to keep safe.

Transparent visible baskets

Get to know the food changes from raw to cooked, precisely control the cooking time.

Independent rice bowl

The steamer attached with a rice bowl for rice steaming, simple and practical

Overheating protection

To prevent dry-boiling, the steamer will automatically power off if there is no enough water during working, use it free from worries

Water gauge for controlling water amount easily

The water gauge is marked inside and outside the water tank for you to observe water amount without opening the lid during steaming process to prevent dry-boiling.

Anti-Slip design, thermal design and cord winding design are adopted at the bottom of the steamer.

The bottom of steamer has big area for heat dissipation and equipped with anti-slip pat to extend the service life of steamer. Cord winding device can be used for storing the cord.

Steamed fish

1、Risen the fish and cut into slices.

2、Sprinkle the prepared sauce on the fish slices

3、Put the fish slices into the steamer

4、Set the time for 10min, Serve immediately

Steamed Chicken

1、Risen the chicken and remove the bone

2、Put the prepared chicken into the steamer

3、Set the time for 20-30min

4、Once ready, drip some sauce and serve

Steamed Potatoes

1、Wash the potatoes and cut into cubes

2、Put the processed potato cubes into the steamer

3、Set the time for 20-30min, Serve immediately


1. Do not put the steamer near the heating source or on an oven to avoid damage.

2. When the steamer is working, do not remove the baskets to avoid burns.

3. Due to the high steam temperature, do not let the exposed skin touch the steam or steamer when the steamer is heating. Wear anti-scalding gloves to avoid burns.

4. Due to the high steam temperature during working, keep the steamer out of children's reach.

5. Always switch off and unplug the power before moving the steamer.

6. Clean and maintain the steamer in time or the dirt will be harder to clean.

7. Do not immerse the base in water for cleaning.

8. If there is any damage to the steamer or power cord, stop using immediately and take it to a service center for repair.

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