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Multi-functional Soymilk Machine



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  • 1

    Soymilk Maker

  • 2

    Grinding Rod

  • 3

    Soymilk Cup

  • 4


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    Beans cup

A machine can cook rich nutrition

To enjoy high quality meals, we need quality protein, vitamin C, water liquid food. White (soymilk,milk), orange( juice), red (jam), green (vegetable), colorful combination will keep your a good mood.

Multi-functional Operation Panel

Fast processing of beans, fruits and vegetables

Six functions, a key switch operation, quick and easy to make simple and healthy Chinese and Western recipes.

304 stainless steel, escort for health

Liner and cutter head are both made of 304 stainless steel materials.

Healthy material BPA free

Arc bottom makes grind space smaller and effective.

After grinding then boiled, spending more time boiling can also retain more nutrients. Grinded pulp smells good and tastes exquisite

Full release nutrition

Unique cooking function makes the nutrition of vegetables fully maintain in the soup.Whether it is light soup or puree, they both meet adults and children's tastes.

Double cup body with thermal insulation function

Heat insulation and anti-hot, keep warm in a short time. It's good for family's safety and health.

Temperature anti-overflow bar

Precise electrode sensors and professional intelligent anti-overflow can avoid the cleaning trouble.

Memory function

If there is a power cut or if the power cord is accidentally pulled out, If the power is restored within 3 minutes the internal memory of the appliance will restore normal operation. If the power is removed for longer than three minutes, the appliance will reset itself.

Non-slip base

Non-slip, firm, durable and reduce noise.

Dual packing Dual protection


1、Prepare 135g soybeans, 1.4-1.5L purified water.

2、Wash soybean and put into the soymilk machine, add purified water (Note the water line of min and max).

3、Align the coupler, close the cover and select the "SOYMILK" function button, then press "Start".

4、32 minutes or so,the machine emits a continuous beep which shows the soymilk is ready. Pour soymilk into the cup to drink (Put the filter sets in the cup of soymilk, then pour the boiled milk. Using the grinding rods to lightly push the bean dregs on the filter, then you can enjoy exquisite and no residue pure soymilk).

vegetable soup

1、Prepare a spoonful of olive oil, 100g onion (diced), 200g carrot (diced), 200g white radish (diced), 100g leeks (chopped), 100g peas (chopped), 7 g red beans, 600ml vegetable soup, and 200ml semi-skim milk.

2、Pour some olive oil in a pan and add fragrant-flowered garlic and onions, then frying.

3、Put cooked vegetables and other ingredients, soup, milk into the soymilk machine. Select the "SMOOTH"or "CHUNKY" function button, then press "Start".

4、After 21-28 minutes, the machine emits a continuous beep shows the end of production.


1、Prepare 700g fruit (apple or banana), 800ml yogurt.

2、Wash fruit, cut (10*10mm), pouring them with yogurt into the soymilk machine.

3、Select the "BLEND" button, then long press "Start" to whip. Continue whip at most 20 seconds and you can repeated operation (It is recommended to repeat the operation for less than 2 minutes. Close the machine for 10 minutes after using this function. The motor need cool down before using again to avoiding burning out the motor).


1、Prepare 2x450g low-fat strawberry yogurt, 300-400ml semi-skimmed milk, 2 bananas (diced), 4 tablespoons sugar, 100-150g dark chocolate.

2、Heat and melt the chocolate, pour it into soymilk machine with other ingredients.

3、Select the "JUICE" function button, then press "Start".

4、2 minutes or so, the machine emits a continuous beep shows the end of production.


1、Prepare 1000g strawberry, 200ml purified water, 1/2 cup lemon juice, and some amount of sugar.

2、Wash strawberry and cut into small pieces, put them into the soymilk machine with other materials.

3、Select the "JAM" function button, then press "Start".

4、30 minutes or so, the machine emits a continuous beep shows the end of production.


1. The machine will emit steam during use, please use it in a larger space.

2. Do not use it in closets, for the steam may damage the cabinet surface.

3. The machine should be far away from other units when operating, at least keep a distance of 300 mm.

4. Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.

5. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

6. Unplug the power before cleaning.

7. Do not clean or wipe the product with sharp and rough cleaning materials.

8. Dry all accessories thoroughly before attaching them to the appliance.

9. Never touch the appliance when it is working.

10. Pay attention to high temperature so as not to be burned.

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