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LED T22 kitchen light



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Small machine, great performance

Although it is very small, it illuminates in the invisible places and build a better life for us.

High transparence housing

Special glass opalescent mask and good diaphanous effect. It's suitable for all types of humidity without fog and frost in order to ensure the stability of light output.

LED chip

It has good color recovering ,ultra clear illumination and color index above 80%,more energy-efficient and healthier.

Stable performance

Special design, increasing the strength of filaments and bulbs and allowing greater resistance, not only can withstand high temperatures, but also low temperature environment. It has a resistance-oriented treatment on the oxidation and won't rust with small conductivity and high resistance, using safely and reliably.

E14 Screw

E14 thread, ideal for crystal lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp, bedside lamp, refrigerator, kitchen ventilator, etc. It has strong generality.

360 degree illumination without leaving dark areas

Uniform light without dark areas, meet the need of full range of lighting.

Comfortable lighting color

3000K natural yellow light, protect eyes.


1. Turn off the power when replacing the lamp.

2. Make sure that the lamp has been fully cooled when removing the bulb.

3. Protect from splashes of liquid.

4. Ensure that the lamp is securely mounted on the holder.

5. Indoor use only.

6. Do not touch the bulb with bare hands.

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