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Vacuum Cleaner



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    A charging base

  • 3

    A dust collection nozzle

  • 4

    A water collection nozzle

A cordless vacuum clean can be used both in home and cars.

With a simple appearance, a compact design and lasting and power suction, it is applied in household and cars.

Powerful suction

Equipped with 60-watt power and 1500mAh NI MH battery, it can produce a vacuity of 3000PA.

Cordless and much freer

Cordless makes it much freer. After charging, it can be used for 15 minutes nonstop.

Wet & dry use

It is superior to the traditional vacuums because it is able to absorb water, giving your house a thorough cleansing.

Detach with a simple click, easy to maintain

Detach with a simple click, you can pour out the dust and garbage. If it is necessary, you can wash the dust cup and the non-woven fabrics in the air inlet, and put them back when they are dry.

0.3 liters dust cup

It can load a big amount of dust so you don't have to clean it frequently. There is also a suction inlet to prevent back leaking of dust.

A design of charging base

It is simple to charge and the accessories can be put on the charging base, convenient to store.

Noise reduction

All the vacuums have noise. However, it does not come from the motor, but from the wind tunnel. This vacuum has noise reduction, which is below 71 dBA.

Air outlet

There are air outlets on both sides, which heats quickly and keeps warm, so that expands the service life of the machine.

With indicator

Green light up during use and keep flashing in low power and during charging. When charging is complete, the light will be extinguished after a few seconds of green light.

A comfortable handle

Ergonomic handle, easy to hold.

Fully equipped with accessories

The dust collection nozzle: gather power and suck the dust on hard objections quickly.
The water collection nozzle: soft to absorb water.


1. Ensure that the dust cup is installed correctly before using it.

2. Do not use or store the machine in high temperature areas.

3. Children are not allowed to use it in case of accidents.

4. Use only the original charger supplied with the appliance.

5. When charging the appliance, the power switch must be off.

6. Always switch off and remove the charger from the socket before cleaning the appliance or any maintenance task.

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