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Vacuum Cleaner



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    A vertical bar

  • 3

    A floor brush

  • 4

    A 2-in-1 brush

  • 5

    A charging base

Dual-used to make a comfortable and clean house

House cleaning will not be restrained by the plug and the cord because of a design of cordlessness. The vacuum can be used as both handheld and stick, flexibly keeping every corner of the house clean.

Handheld & stick

When it is used as upright, the cleaning is as easy as walking with a little push; when it is used as handheld, it can clean sofa, upholstery, crevice in cars, etc.

Powerful motor

Equipped with 85W power and 2200mAh LI-ion, it can produce a vacuity of 4200PA.

Lasting and powerful suction

When it is charged, it can be used for 23 minutes in high speed, and 35 minutes in low speed.

Cyclone filtration system

Compared to regular dust cup, the cyclone dust cup increases centrifugal forces and does not block the filter, providing a better filtration.

Multi-effective and electric floor brush

The main floor brush is equipped with a motor which enlarges the effect of suction, so that compared to the traditional floor brush, it will leave no dirt on the floor.

Adjustable speeds on handle

On the handle, there are power switch and adjustable suction switch with two speeds of HIGH/LOW, to clean different places.

0.4 liters dust cup

Made of material which is environmentally-friendly, it is easy to clean. You can remove the dust cup and pour out the dust and garbage with a simply click.

Easy to detach

Flexibly transformed to handheld and upright by clicking some switches, which can separate the main machine, submachine and brushes easily.

Noise reduction

All the vacuums have noise. However, it does not come from the motor, but from the wind tunnel. This vacuum has noise reduction, which is below 82 dBA.

A design of charging base

It is simple to charge and the accessories can be put on the charging base, convenient to store.

Air outlet

There are air outlets on both sides, which heats quickly and keeps warm, so that expands the service life of the machine.

With indicator

When the machine is on, the green light is on; when the power is run out, the green light shines; when it is charging, the red light is on; when charging finishes, the light is off.

Fully equipped with accessories

The floor brush: it can both clean up the floor and the carpet after you press the button.
The upholstery brush: it is used to eliminate the dust and motes on the sofa and the floor. 2-in-1 brush: the flat nozzle is used to clean crevice such as fans of air-conditioner, crevice of sofa; the hairbrush is used to clean adhering dusts on the furniture like irregular lights or crafts.


1. Ensure that the dust cup is installed correctly before using it.

2. Do not vacuum water and inflammable materials.

3. Do not use or store the machine in high temperature areas.

4. Children are not allowed to use it in case of accidents.

5. Use only the original charger supplied with the appliance.

6. When charging the appliance, the power switch must be off.

7. Always switch off and remove the charger from the socket before cleaning the appliance or any maintenance task.

8. Do not use the machine outdoors; do not use it in moist conditions.

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