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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    Power Adapter

  • 3

    Blade protection cover

  • 4

    Cleaning brush*2

Good feeling of fast shaving

Float system keeps 3 heads in close contact with the skin for a flexible, comfortable and fast shave by powerful motor.

3.2V powerful DC motor

With a powerful motor and 3000 rpm, it can shave quickly and without residue.

3 Floating heads shaver

Rotating, floating and 3-head shaver with net design for a closer contact with the skin, wide coverage, cleaner shaving!

Dual use: charge or connect to the power

It can be used by connecting the power directly, or be used wirelessly after a full charge.

Long-lasting battery

8 hours for full energy charge with two 600mAh NiMH batteries is available for 45 minutes in continuous use.

The pop-up temple knife

Pull the button down lightly and the trimmer will pop up. Trim temples and beard easily.

Removable blade and profile heads

Pop-up blade button, press it gently, the cutter head can be easily opened. Can be separated and disassembled, cleaning, replacement is more convenient.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design, hand-held comfort.

LED indicator lights

Display working and charge status


1. Please read this instrucion carefully before using this product.

2. Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.

3. Do not use on the injured skin

4. Do not clean the main body in the water

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