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Multi-gear toaster



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A good day starts with breakfast.

In a busy morning, when you pick out the bread from the fridge, it is too cold to eat. In fact, if you put the bread into the toaster, two minutes is enough to have a great breakfast with soft and crispy bread. And with a glass of milk, you are satisified both mentally and physically.Then a fine day starts.

The super long bread slot and double-side baking make the baking delicious and timesaving.

Without toasting the bread from one side to another, this double baking toaster can baking quickly and evenly. The design of the long front can bake four slices of bread at the same time timelessly and efficiently. The time to brush your teeth is ready for breakfast!

Seven level of bread focal degrees is at your finger tips.

This toaster changes the situation that frying is difficult to control, and it is flexible to adjust the degree of baking, from soft to crispy, just choose as you like.

Three core functions, easy to operate

Operating with just one button, you can defrost, reheating or cancel the toaster. It is simple to operate and bake.

Utility bread rack can bake various kinds of bread.

Built in foldable toast rack, upward for toasting irregular breads easily.

Healthy stainless steel body

With exquisite craft stainless steel body, it can better resist the high temperature and corrosion.

Drawer-type crumb tray helps to keep clean

High-end drawer-type bread crumb tray helps clean convinently

Cable can be folded up.

The cable can be stored under base, making you free from trouble of disorder cable.

A delicious breakfast is only three steps away.

Put the bread into the bread slot and turn on the power. You can turn the knob to adjust the crispy level of the bread. Then, press the bake button and waiting for the baked bread ejects automatically after finish.


1. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

2. Never place the toaster close to curtain or other combustible materials, for the baked bread may led to fire.

3. While the toaster is working, do not remove the bread.

4. Wait at least 30s between each toasting to ensure the baked color uniform.

5. Do not place oversized food, metal foiled packaging or container into toaster, which may led to fire or electric shock.

6. Remove the electrical plug before cleaning and let the appliance cool completely.

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