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Multifunctional intelligent pressure cooker



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  • 1

    Pressure cooker

  • 2

    Color crystal liner

  • 3

    Rice scoop

  • 4

    Measuring glass

  • 5

    Plastic steamer rack

  • 6

    Stainless steel steam rack

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One pot for cooking a lot of flavor

Intelligent control, easy cooking helps you handle all delicious!

15 kinds of functions, a pot is worth several pots.

Combines with Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Warmer, Saute and Soup pot, it offers the perfect choice for you. Fly, Stew, Meat, Fish, Rice, Bread, Pasta, Vegetable, Slow cook, Yoghurt, Desserts, Bake, Cake, Steam and Soup 15 built-in programs to complete your common cooking tasks.

Aroma rolling technology

Multiple pressure control, multiple boiling, cook food faster but retain moisture, nutrients and vitamins.

Open cover function during cooking

During function of "stew,meat,soup", if you want to add ingredients, press"Add ingredient" button to release pressure(the lower pressure in pot, the sooner pressure released, it will be about 2 minutes when the pressure is higher),lid can be open after the pressure have been totally released.

DIY function

Manual setting menu can adjust cooking time and temperature to meet your diversified cooking needs.

Keep warm function

After work,It will automatically keep warm. The longest keep warm tome is up to 12 hours

24 hours intelligent reservation

Making an appointment before you go to bed, you can get hot porridge and delicious cake when you get up on the second morning; making an appointment before you go to work, there will be ready-made dinner when you go off work.

Safe technology with 9 degrees of protection

Pressure limiting protection, anti-blocking protection, over current protection, overpressure protection, opening and closing cover protection, coverless protection, pressure-controlled protection, limited temperature protection, over-temperature protection

5L large capacity

Ten bowls of rice can be cooked at one time, enough for big family

Slant big LED panel for easy reading

High-quality inner pot

2.0mm aluminum inner pot, heating fastly and evenly. High efficiency non-stick coating is easy to clean. Insides, it have two handles for easy carrying after cooking.

Safe material

Food-grade and BPA free stainless steel

A lot of gifts

Rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, plastic steamer rack, and stainless steel steam rack are packed in, besides, a recipe booklet is also presented to help you become a great chef.

Upper cover is easier to clean

The upper cover sets up the anti-condensation water structure, not easy to dirty the table, cooperate with the disassemble design, make everyday clean become easier

Open or close the lid with indicator lights and music tips

If lid doesn't shut completely, the machine won't work.

Water storage box design

Avoid vapor leakage, easier to use.

Corn pork ribs soup

1、Prepare 300g corn, 500g pork ribs, 10g salt, 5g sugar, 3 gingers, 1 spoon of cooking wine, clean the ribs and corn by water, and then cut them into small pieces of spare.

2、Put the pork ribs into the boiling water, boil it and then remove the pork ribs.

3、Put all ingredients in the pressure cooker, add about 1L of water, cover the lid and lock it.

4、Press the "MENU" key, select "Soup" menu, then press "Start" key to start work. Or press "Manual" key, press "+", "-" to adjust the holding time (such as turn to "0:10"), then press "Temperature" key and "+", "-" key to adjust the cooking temperature, (such as turn to 1600), when finish the setting, press "Start" to start work.

5、After the machine end of work and decompress, you can open it and enjoy the food.

Strawberry yogurt

1、Prepare a box of fresh yogurt, a box of 750ml whole milk, take 3 tablespoons of jam into the yogurt pot.

2、Put the mentioned ingredients above (except jam) into the pot and stir well, cover and lock.

3、Press "Menu" key, select "Yoghurt" menu. If it is needed to increase the holding time, you can press "Cooking time" key to increase time. If you want to make the reservation of time, you can press "Preset" to set the reservation time (up to 24 hours). After setting, press "Start" to start working.

4、It is default to end of work after about 8 hours, after decompression, take it out and put into can,cover with strawberries and put them in the refrigerator. It is best to enjoy it after 4 hours.

Clam shrimp fried cod

1、Prepare 800g frozen slices of cod, 4 petals of garlic, freshly chopped parsley, half a cup of white wine, 250g shrimp, 250g clams, half pieces of fish soup, and an amount of sweet chili powder.

2、Soak the clams in salt water for about an hour or so to remove the sand.

3、Put the oil in the pan, press the "Menu" key, select "Fry" menu, add garlic, after it discolored, add the red pepper to stir. Then put clams, shrimp, and add cod fillet, parsley and broken broken half Pieces of fish soup seasoning, doused with white wine.

4、Cancel the current making mode, and close the lid, press the "Menu" key, select "Fish" menu, start work. After about 5 minutes, by pressing the "Cancel" button to wait for opening the lid

Sweet and sour pork ribs

1、Prepare 1.5 kg pork ribs, 1 onion, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of natural orange juice, an amount of salt and olive oil, cut the ribs into small pieces, cut onion into shred.

2、Add the appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add onion, press the "Menu" key, select "Fry" menu, stir and fry until the onion discolored, cancel the current menu.

3、Then add the pork ribs, vinegar, some amount of salt, cover the lid, press the "Menu" key, select "Meat" menu, and then start work.

4、After the program is finished, press the "Add ingredient" key to quickly decompress, open the pot, add orange juice and sugar, press the "Menu" button, select "Fry" menu, stir and fry until the juice become thicker.


1. Do not lift and move the machine during cooking.

2. Please do not put cloth on the lid which may change the shape and color of the lid.

3. Please do not exceed the maximum water level in the inner pot, so as to avoid overflowing.

4. Do not put the cooking utensils into the pot when it is cooking, keeping temperature or reheating rice

5. Do not use the attached cooking utensils on the open flame.

6. Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.

7. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

8. Unplug the power before cleaning.

9. Do not clean or wipe the product with sharp and rough cleaning materials.

10. Dry all accessories thoroughly before attaching them to the appliance.

11. Never touch the appliance when it is working.

12. Pay attention to high temperature so as not to be burned.

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