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Multi-gear toaster



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Get crispy bread just in 60 seconds.

Do not eat cold bread! Just press the buttom and wait for a little while to get crispy bread, which is warmer and healthier.

Double-sided baking, more delicious

Double-sided baking makes it more timesaving. It only takes two minutes to get a healthy breakfast.

Seven-range rotary knob

Seven baking-range, free to choose any grade of baking from soft to cripsy.

Three custom functions

A key function button for defrosting, heating and canceled. It is easy even for kids to toast.

Easily bounce when time is up

Built-in hidden grill, automatically bounced, no scorched.

Removable Crumb Tray

High-grade bread crumbs recovery tray, removable and easy to clean.

Cord storage design

3 steps to get delicacy

Easy to use

Put the bread into the toaster and choose the baking grade--press the baking bar--bread bounce out automatically.


1. Always operate the appliance on a flat surface.

2. Never place the toaster close to curtain or other combustible materials, for the baked bread may led to fire.

3. While the toaster is working, do not remove the bread.

4. Wait at least 30s between each toasting to ensure the baked color uniform.

5. Do not place oversized food, metal foiled packaging or container into toaster, which may led to fire or electric shock.

6. Unplug the power and completely cool down the machine before cleaning.

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