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The new decorative lights

AIGOSTAR E5 series products have perfect unity ceiling art not broken by lamps set, the elegant place is use lighting hiding inside building, keep building unify

With plug

User-friendly design, with plug accessories, is the perfect solution to the circuit connection and wire hidden problems.

Ultra-thin design, easy to match.

Classic 8mm ultrathin design, aluminium frame, baked white paint technology, anti-corrosion, aiti-yellowing,

Choose high quality LED lamp beads

High light LED chip, low light failure, output long and stable light effect,ultrahigh luminous, light effect up to 120LM/W, low heat, low screen flash, uniform luminance, good light color temperature, save energy and environmental friendly.

Long life-span.

The normal service life is more than 30,000 hours, 10 times of the traditional lamp. You don't need to change lamps frequently and maintain regularly.

PAMA high transparent mask.

Select PAMA high light transmission, which through unique photology design, form uniform plane lighting effect, reduce light consumption, linghting any angles, uniform light transmission, soft, which is on a par with natural light. Smooth mask anti-greasy dirt, easy to clean,new fresh look with light brush, save cost.

Suitable for many places

Exquisite workmanship, easy to rein kitchen, office,bathroom,balcony and various scenarios.

Certification authority,safe and environmental friendly.

Certificated by CE, RoHS, PF value bigger than 0.9, light power without infrared ray and ultraviolet ray radiation, no thermal effect


1. When installation, maintenance, check the lamps, please switch off the power.

2. Please strict accordance with the instructions to install the lamps.

3. To avoid electrical shock or light body fall, do not disassemble or modify.

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