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LED dimmable table lamp



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Simple-style design and fashionable

Elegant white and simple-style, natural, practical, stylish and versatile, pretty looking, eye-catching, eye-protection.

Multi-functional LED display

Intelligent and convenient table lamp with 4 functions: timer, thermostat, calendar, alarm clock

Smart touch design

It will be on immediately by pressing the highly sensitive touch-keys, making lighting more convenient and stylish.

Multi-scene color temperature control

Adjustable CT button to control color temperature: white, warm white, natural, yellow, warm yellow; utility and suitable for several conditions;

4 grades dimming & stepless dimming

Short touch dimmer to adjust 4 grades dimming and long touch to adjust stepless dimming; adjust illumination intensity to satisfy different requirement, aiming to protect eyes and to resist fatigue;

LED light source with high brightness

Equipped with High-quality and high-brightness SMD LED lamp beads, which are with long service life and special optical treatment; bright, soft and even illumination and not glare;


Advanced light soften technology to be non-glare, non-flashing; comfortable and environmentally-friendly light to reduce eye burden

Ultra wide voltage input

100V-240V ultra-wide voltage input to be suitable for many countries to avoid dangers caused by unmatched voltage;

Adjustable lamp arm

The lamp arm is made of environmentally-friendly silicone hose, which could be rotated and adjusted freely; comfortable hand-feeling and safe

Wear-resistant and anti-slip pad at bottom


1、Shortly touch power button to light up the table lamp

2、Press function key for 5 secs to be hours adjustment mode, touch "+" or "-" to adjust hours

3、Short touch power key to minute adjustment mode, and touch "+" or "-" to adjust minute

4、Short touch power key to year adjustment mode, and touch "+" or "-" to adjust year

5、Short touch power key to month adjustment mode, and touch "+" or "-" to adjust month

6、Short touch power key to date adjustment mode, and touch "+" or "-" to adjust date

7、After setting time/date, touch "+" to choose timing mode of 12/24, and touch "-" to choose temperature mode of degree/ fahrenheit degree


1. Table lamp could be only used indoors. Do not use it in dump and dusty places

2. Do not touch LED panel to avoid injury of high temperature when opening table lamp

3. Do not use solvents, abrasives or aerosol cleaners to clean it to avoid color fading

4. Remove the plug if you don't use it for a long time

5. Do not disassemble or modify desk lamp by yourself.

6. Do not place desk lamp around objects that are prone to heat and do not place it under sunlight.

7. If the power cord or plug is damaged, stop using and have it repaired by a qualified technician

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