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Minimalism and Good Quality, A Best Choice for You

Classic black design and flowing line conbine minimalism and style perfectly, which makes it stylish and graceful and perfects the quality.

Smart wireless charging

Thanks to smart technology, it can support wireless charging for device which have wireless charging function. Just put your mobile phone on the base, it will start charging wirelessly and automatically.

Smart touch design

It will be on immediately by pressing the highly sensitive touch-keys, making lighting more convenient and stylish.

Multi-scene color temperature control

There are two modes of reading and sleeping. Short press to adjust five color temperatures of white, warm white, natural light, warm light and yellow; long press is to adjust the color temperatures steplessly. It meets different lighting demands and provides the most suitable lights in desk or beside the bed, protecting your eyes.

Five adjustable dimming & stepless dimming

Short press on the dimmer is to adjust five color temperatures and long press adjust the color temperatures steplessly. You can select a suitable brightness according to ages, eyesight, environment to protect your eyes and relax.

LED light source with high brightness

Good-quality and highly bright SMD lamp beams are applied to save energy and extend service life. By special optical process, the illuminance is uniform, the light is bright and gentle yet not dazzling.

No flashing

Advanced soft light technology and stable and light source without glare and flickering make the light gentle and comfortable, easing the burden on eyes.

Ultra-wide voltage input

100V-240V ultra-wide voltage input to be suitable for many countries to avoid dangers caused by unmatched voltage;

Multi-angle rotating design

Humanized and creative design that the lamp support is rotatable left-and-right and foldable up-and-down. Multi-angle adjustment satisfies our lighting demands.

Foldable and convenient for storage

Multi-spindle and big angle make storage could be more convenient and save more spaces.

With USB port

Built-in USB interface can charge most mobile phones and iPad wirelessly.

Wear-resistant and anti-slip pad at bottom


1. Do not repair, disassemble or modify the desk lamp privately.

2. Do not place the desk lamp under any heat source or direct sunlight.

3. Please use it on a flat, safe surface.

4. Use only the power adapter supplied with this product.

5. Do not use the lamp if the power cord or plug is damaged.

6. Do not touch the lamp with wet hands.

7. Please keep the lamp and all accessories dry and clean.

8. Unplug the power cord when not using the lamp.

9. Wash only with a soft, dry cloth, without solvents or cleaning solutions.

10. Do not overload the circuit, it may cause electric shock or fire.

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