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PTC Tower fan heater



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Fashional and simple, useful appliance in winter

The black and gold collocation make a classical and fashional design.Not only create modern home decoration style but also show the high quality of life.

High efficient PTC china heater for instant warmth

This appliance is no fire and less noise,heat up quickly,oxidation resistance and long service life,safe and durable,energy-saving and environment-friendly

Control panel with LED display

Simple control panel,easy to operation and get warmth quickly.

4 power settings use for cold and warm

Four power settings with natural,low temperature,middle temperature,high temperature.Satisfy different requirements in different seasons.

24-hour timing function

Heating time is under your control, save energy and free from worry.When the machine is operating, you can set the shutdown time within 24 hours.If he machine is in standby mode and you can be preset the startup time within 24 hours.

Intelligent thermostat

Intelligent thermostat function, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the machine stops heating.when the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, the work is resumed.

Memory function

When restart the heater with constant electricity,it will operating in accordance with the latest setting state before the shutdown operation.

Over heating protection

Embedded overheat protection equipment,the electricity will be cut off when the temperature exceeds the safety temperature limit,use free from worry

Anti-tilting protection

When the heater tripping over 30°,the power will be cut off automatically to prevent the accident

Big vent

Wider and larger heating area, you can get warmth from all directions,

70° wide angle oscillation

Wide angle oscillation, swing 70 ° both right and left,achieve a wide range of heating

Stable pedestal

Wider pedestal,more stable to prevent from tripping

Insulated net to prevent burns

It is protected by the insulated net with fine mesh, which can prevent scalding injury and have no peculiar smell,safer for use.

Fireproof material for the entire machine

Environment-friendly and flame retardant,moisture-proof and anti-earthquake, anti-electric leakage, anti-high temperature,bring warmth to whole family in a safe way

Removable dust filter

High density fliter can prevent the hair,dust,and particles efficiently,which makes the breeze clean.

Multifuctional controller

You don't need to walk,it receives the instruction from any angles,you can enjoy warmth at anytime and anywhere

Convenient handle

The heater can be moved easily by one hand,which can be used in many places


1. Do not plug (unplug) the power instead of turn the switch on(off)

2. Put the appliance 1.5 meters away from fire source and avoid direct sunlight no matter using it or not

3. It is prohibited to use applicace near the objects which is combustible, explosive, deformed, discolored or deteriorated. Do not use heater in dusty place.

4. Put the appliance on a stable surface,do not tilt or tip the heater.

5. Do not use the appliance around bathtub,shower or near a swimming pool.

6. To avoid electric shock,do not insert thin wire or other matter into any pores in the appliance.

7. Do not immerse appliance into water.

8. To avoid overheating,do not cover the heater.

9. Do not operate with another high wattage appliance on the same socket.

10. To avoid burns,do not touch the hot surface of air vents.

11. Put the cord behind the appliance when it is operating,the cord in front of the appliance would cause damage or accidents by overheating.

12. Do not operate if the applicance has been damaged. Turn it off and take it to an authorized service center for examination and/or repair.

13. To avoid burns and hurts,children should not use the appliance without supervision.

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