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Quartz heater



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Simple and easy-to-use,make you enjoy a warm winter

The entire machine with smooth lines and elegant design,simple and easy-to-use,less space oppuiced,you can put it anywhere and enjoy a warm winter

Far infrared heating technology

This heater adopt high quality quartz tube heating element,far infrared heating,heat up in 3s,high calorific with soft light,heat up stably and does not hurt skin

3 power settings,easy to use

3 power settings to choose:first heating tube to warm body,middle heating tube to warm your feet,three tubes can heat up at the same time.

75° wide angle oscillation

Wide angle oscillation design which can swing 75 ° both right and left,achieve a wide range of heating

Overheating protection

Overheating protection built in,when the temperature exceeds the safe temperature limit, the power will be automatically disconnected,you can use free from worry.

Insulated net to prevent burns

It is protected by the insulated net with fine mesh, which can prevent scalding injury and have no peculiar smell,safer for use.

Heat dissipation by grid

The heat dissipation hole on the back is made of high quality, heat-resistant and wear-resistant material, the heat dissipate easily by the uniform spacing of grillage. The fingers cannot be inserted, so it is safe and reliable.

Convenient handle design

Inner handle design,comfortable grip and less space occupied,you can lift it with one hand easily and take it to anywhere

Wider pedestal

Wider pedestal,more stable to prevent injury cause by tripping

Switch at the bottom will cut off power when tripping

Accurate touch switch,when heater was tripped over 30°,the power will be cut off automatically to prevent accidents


1. Do not plug (unplug) the power instead of turn the switch on(off)

2. Put the appliance 1.5 meters away from fire source and avoid direct sunlight no matter using it or not

3. It is prohibited to use applicace near the objects which is combustible, explosive, deformed, discolored or deteriorated. Do not use heater in dusty place.

4. Put the appliance on a stable surface,do not tilt or tip the heater.

5. Do not use the appliance around bathtub,shower or near a swimming pool.

6. To avoid electric shock,do not insert thin wire or other matter into any pores in the appliance.

7. Do not immerse appliance into water.

8. To avoid overheating,do not cover the heater.

9. Do not operate with another high wattage appliance on the same socket.

10. To avoid burns,do not touch the hot surface of air vents.

11. Put the cord behind the appliance when it is operating,the cord in front of the appliance would cause damage or accidents by overheating.

12. Do not operate if the applicance has been damaged. Turn it off and take it to an authorized service center for examination and/or repair.

13. To avoid burns and hurts,children should not use the appliance without supervision.

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